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Menace in Rubber ~ Libertine in Garment ~ Poetry in Leather

A N A I S ~ J A C K E T ~ S C A R L E T



~ P O E T R Y  I N  L E A T H E R ~

"Ordinary life does not interest me" ~ Anais Nin

Irresistible and cunning, with an undeniable undercurrent of eroticism, the Anais Nin reversible red jacket is the weapon of choice for a woman in control no matter the occasion. The red leather is at once soft to the touch yet dynamic with confidence and passion. The reverse side featuring satin Asian brocade of dragons adds a sophisticated slightly more subtle but no less seductive alternative. No matter which way you decide to wear it, the Anais Nin jacket empowers from the moment you put it on.

  • Premium goats leather 
  • Reversible to red oriental brocade
  • Biker style 
  • Antique brass trims
  • Side buckle detail
  • Chain detail on pocket
  • Padding and stitch detail throughout