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Menace in Rubber ~ Libertine in Garment ~ Poetry in Leather

A B O U T ~ U S

Resin Obsidian is its own space. We are playful and provocative and our garments, leather, and neoprene designs are built upon a foundation of feminine strength and full tilt best times ever. Our heroes are outlaws and badasses, rockers and rollers, poets and pranksters, and we never ever sit on the sidelines. The ocean is our stomping ground, the street our place to rumble. We live life on our own terms.

Resin Obsidian is the creation of former Tallow founder and head designer Ali Mandalis. Already a game changer within the swim wear and wetsuit industry, Ali’s vision is to create designs that empower and embolden women who want to kick out the jams and rip into the fun life. 


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