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Menace in Rubber ~ Libertine in Garment ~ Poetry in Leather

R E S I N ~ R A S C A L S

J A L E E S A ~ V I N C E N T 

Sunshine Coast’s Jaleesa Vincent is rascal personified. She sings like Courtney Barnett, dances like a cat on acid, has a bowl hair cut like Mary J Blige and shreds with all the style and attitude of Craig Anderson and Lisa Andersen’s love child. She also wears Great White Shark earrings. Jelly Bean is the surfing world’s little sister, a cheeky badass with a heart of gold who might just go on to change


H U L A ~ W I N D Y 

Mylee Grace, aka Hula Windy, is the hard rockin, log shredding, smiley faced icon of the Rascals. She surfs long points with pirouettes and butt rides, blasts the faces off the kids with her band the Milkshakes and does it with a style and attitude that is all her own. Ferociously independent, she’s not afraid to flip off the kooks and pretenders, but at her core she might just be the loveliest, coolest, rockingest badass on the planet.


FI ~ FI ~ B L E A C H

She plays rock and roll in leopard print onesys, smacks the lip on her 5’3” twinnie and has the disposition of a life long mega star with none of the wanky egotistical trappings. She’s Fifi Bleach, a 5’10” bl0nde haired, powerhouse from the Gold Coast who can do monos on her BMX the length of Seven Mile Beach. Quietly spoken but loud on action she’s the best friend you need to have by your side when you wanna go on an ass kicking rampage.

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