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Menace in Rubber ~ Libertine in Garment ~ Poetry in Leather


O Z Z I E ~ W R I G H T 

Oscar Billy Wright is an artist, musician, film maker, professional surfer and full time Goon whose influence within surfing has changed the very fabric of an entire culture. Ozzie contributed “Snake or Be Snaked” the original Resin print for our Rose Dunn embroidered wetsuit jacket.

B E N ~ B R O W N 

When it comes to iconic rock and roll art nobody tops Sydney’s Ben Brown. The former Hellmenn lead singer has designed some of the most famous tour posters in history, from Nirvana and Sonic Youth through to his now legendary Mass Appeal prints. Brown has contributed works and illustrations to our original Resin range and will also feature in future releases.

P A U L ~ M C N E I L

Byron Bay-based artist Paul McNeil has done heaps of amazing stuff in a celebrated and award winning career, but surely designing our Resin logo is up there with the greatest of his achievements. From his early days as part of the iconic 100% Mambo art group through to his days designing rock and roll poster art and album covers, to now enjoying critically acclaimed solo art shows world wide, it is Paul’s dancing at the Tackle Shack that has cemented his legacy as one of the world’s all time greats.


N A N D A ~ O R M O N D 

In just a few short years Kiwi Nanda Ormond has gone from couch surfing noodle eater to one of surfing’s most recognised artistic talents. A regular contributor to Surfing World Magazine his cutting wit, explosive use of colour and undeniable talent combine to create worlds unlike those ever seen before. And he’s vegan so… yeah!

 J A Y ~ Q U I R K

Jay Quirk is an artist, designer and art director who works the entire gamut of creative mediums, including illustration, painting, ceramics, screen printing and photography. A known and respected force in fashion circles both in Australia and internationally Jay takes his inspiration from a combination of the surreal, the natural environment and popular culture to create inimitable and striking pieces. Now living with his wife in a Byron Bay beach house surrounded by palm trees Jay often travels the world in search of new experiences that can influence his work in particular Sweden, California and Japan and Resin is thrilled to have him contribute to our debut ranges.


 ~ P H O T O G R A P H E R S ~ 

L U K E ~ S H A D B O L T 

An internationally recognised and award winning photographer, Shadbolt’s mesmerising The Infinity Wall, and Maelstrom series changed surf photography overnight. Part of Resin’s very first shoots, Shadbolt combines his fearless and inventive ideas with world class skill to Resin campaigns.

A L E X ~ B R U N T O N 

At only 22 years old, Alex Brunton has already forged a powerful career in photography. His visions are clearly immersed in light, texture and movement, he frames the intimate moments nobody else can see. A part of the Resin family since day one, Alex has perfectly captured the mood of the brand – dangerous, simmering, electrifying.


S A R A H ~ C H R I S T E N S E N

Few photographers capture the heart of their subject better than Sarah Christensen. Her strength lies in her easy ability to connect, to convey warmth and emotion through light and composition, all within the framework of the viewfinder. Mix that skill with an absolutely undeniable commitment to excellence and passion for the craft and you have yourself a once in a lifetime artist.

 F R A N C I S C O ~ T A V O N I 

Venezualan born photographer Francisco is one of the shining lights of the Australian photography scene. His understanding of subtly is one of his true strengths, he can capture seductive without being obvious, fun without being schmaltzy and cool without being contrived or pretentious. Rare skills you can put down to down to his experience and incredible skill and unique ability to capture the beautiful.


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